Personal Growth Through Challenge

Episode 3 April 01, 2022 00:53:58
Personal Growth Through Challenge
Pathways to Heart
Personal Growth Through Challenge

Apr 01 2022 | 00:53:58


Hosted By

John Elfers, Ph.D. Tara Pipia Adam Neal, M.A. Sofia University

Show Notes

Jay Jackson began his career as the Assistant Wrestling Coach at Stanford University, helping the team to the program’s first individual NCAA championship. As a high school teacher and assistant principal Jay worked to build character and resilience in high school students through physical training and sports. He became a Spartan Racer and through that relationship created a curriculum to help youth and adults grow into better versions of themselves.  

In this podcast episode, Jay shares his insights into the value of motivating youth through physical challenge. His new curriculum is currently being used in many schools, gyms, and after school programs across the country with elementary students through adults to allow individuals to come up with their personal ideas of Spartan mental philosophies like grit, resilience, and getting out of one’s comfort zone so that they may grow into better versions of themselves.  

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